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Welcome to the official website of the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. (MFCA), home of Australia's purebred registered Mini Foxie. The first club formed in Australia for these dogs, the MFCA has been in continuous operation since 1986, registering pedigrees, holding shows and providing a breed registry service to a large membership across Australia and beyond.


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The Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. was established in July 1986 and was originally known as the Miniature Fox Terrier Club of Australia (see "About the MFCA").

Our club:

  • was the first club formed in Australia for the popular little dogs that many Australians had long known as "Miniature Foxies", "Miniature Fox Terriers", "Little Foxies" and "Mini Foxies".
  • was the first Australian club to formulate an official BREED STANDARD for these dogs and we still proudly breed dogs of this type to the breed standard.
  • is the independent dog club that you should join if you want to own or breed purebred Mini Foxie dogs.
  • is not affiliated with any other organisation.

We take pride in our longstanding breed registry and the safeguards that are in place to minimise the incidence of inherited faults which can occur in small breeds of dogs. Genetic testing for PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) is being carried out by our breeders. However, in the club's 30 year history, there have been no documented cases of issues with PLL in our registered Mini Foxies.

MFCA pups are litter registered soon after birth and then are health checked again as adults - before breeding.

Only approved dogs with an acceptable veterinary report will be registered for breeding by the MFCA Registry. This is an additional safeguard not found in all dog breeds.