1. Information about MFCA Pups

1. Information about MFCA Pups

MFCA registered breeders screen their breeding stock and carefully select
sires and dams to produce the best combinations possible for their litters.
Good temperament and soundness is the birthright of a puppy.

For many years the MFCA system of classifying pups at the age of one year
has assisted breeders in guarding against health problems that can occur in
small dog breeds.

The MFCA is proud of the diligence that has resulted in a sound purebred dog of distinctive appearance and temperament.

At around 100 grams as newborns, Miniature Fox Terrier pups are amongst the tiniest puppies in the canine world, but quickly develop into lovable little rascals.

Ears on pups are usually softly folded up until the age of six months when the adult ear shape can be clearly seen.

Puppy feet are plump and round in shape until the age of four to six months and then gradually change to the distinctive oval (semi-hare) shaped foot of the adult Miniature Fox Terrier.

Miniature Fox Terrier puppies must have a diet that is high in calcium for the first few months of their lives.

Teeth should be checked by a veterinarian at the age of 5 to 6 months and any retained deciduous incisors or canines should be removed.

Puppies should not go to their permanent homes until after the age of 8 weeks and should be vaccinated at the age of 6 weeks for protection against
parvovirus, canine hepatitis and distemper. Once in their new home, puppies should receive a further two vaccinations at the intervals recommended by a veterinarian.

Puppies must be regularly wormed and housed in a clean, hygienic environment.  A crate makes an excellent bed for a puppy and keeps your puppy safe in the car.  If your car is involved in an accident, your dog or puppy will sustain far less injury if it is travelling inside a crate.

Training your puppy can start early - Miniature Fox Terrier puppies are responsive and intelligent pups from an early age.

If you are thinking of buying a Miniature Fox Terrier puppy, please be aware that puppies sold in pet shops and from uncertain origins could be crossed with other breeds and may exhibit different traits later in life. There are several breeds which look similar when they are young pups, but grow up to be different to Miniature Fox Terriers in their behaviour and characteristics.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend that Miniature Fox Terrier puppies be purchased only from MFCA registered breeders. Puppies are extremely popular and can be ordered from MFCA breeders who advertise on this website. If you need assistance in finding a Miniature Fox Terrier puppy to purchase, please click on contact us



2. This MFT has been trained to be a Working Dog.

If you thought that terriers are not WORKING DOGS, you may need to think again! Below are photos of Mungarra Adam, at work rounding up sheep on a Riverina property.