MFCA Forms

MFCA Forms


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D23 Foundation Recorded Pup



D24 Foundation Adult Application



D25 Service Certificate



D27 Litter Recording



D28 Transfer of Ownership



D29 Notification of De-Sexing




D30 Adult Registration Application



D32 Lease Agreement



D33 Notification of Death








Wanting to join the Mini Foxie Club?

The Mini Foxie Club welcomes new members. Membership application forms and Kennel Prefix application forms can be obtained from the MFCA Registrar by email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Please also read the guidelines below, first written in 2005 and still relevant today.  

Guidelines when Applying to the MFCA






Statutory Declarations are sometimes required for registry transactions.   If you are required to submit a Statutory Declaration, please be aware that each State and Territory in Australia uses a slightly different document.

Below are links to the government departments in each state and territory and you can download Stat Dec forms from these sites.


  A C T N S W



Please be advised that the pedigree details of an MFCA registered dog or pup cannot legally be transferred to any other organisation, breed club or national breed council.

The information on MFCA registration certificates is, and remains, the intellectual property of the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc.

Copyright information is clearly shown on all MFCA certificates and Australian Copyright Law applies.

While it has been stated on an internet site that it is possible for you to register Mini Fox Terriers as another breed, this is not the case for MFCA registered dogs and pups and anyone so involved would be acting illegally.

If you have been given such information, please seek legal advice before proceeding as you could be implicated in a situation which involves theft of pedigree and breach of copyright.




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