K9 Health, K9 Laws

K9 Health, K9 Laws

In this section there are articles about aspects of canine health and also information about dog laws in Australia. We thank Dr Jim Thompson from Turramurra Vet Hospital for these helpful articles about flea control.







Owners and breeders of today's MFCA registered dogs are free to test their dogs for any genetic condition that is of concern to them and the best person to talk to is their local veterinarian, who can arrange the necessary testing with a reputable genetic specialist company.

The legal owner of the dog is the only person who can make the decision for such testing. The club is not the legal owner of the dogs and is not legally able to enforce testing for genetic diseases.



Buyer Beware!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet.

Some owners advertise their dogs/pups as "Mini Foxies", or use words like "same as Mini Foxies", when in fact their dogs cannot be registered with the Mini Foxie Club of Australia.

As adults, such dogs may not look or behave like Mini Foxies, may not meet the breed standard of the Mini Foxie Club, and may fail the health checks of the MFCA.

You can send an email via the "Contact Us" tab if you want to know if a seller is registered with the Mini Foxie Club or if you are concerned about any claims that you have read.

It is important that you ask the seller of pups if they are an MFCA member and if their dogs are registered with the MFCA.

Sometimes there can be a health reason why some dogs are not MFCA registered.

Be a wise and informed buyer and minimise your risk.

When viewing a puppy and its parents, ask to see the parent dogs' MFCA registration papers.

Why? Because MFCA registered dogs are examined by vets and checked by club officials at the age of 12 months ... before they are allowed to be bred from. This can mean healthier pups for you.

This approval process does not happen in many dog breeds, yet it has been proven to lessen the incidence of inherited conditions. Why settle for less?

There will always be people claiming to be selling "Mini Foxies" when they are not members or registered breeders of the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc (MFCA). Buyer beware!

You run the risk of facing hefty vet bills in the future if your puppy is diagnosed with a condition such as Luxating Patella. Today the MFCA does not register adult dogs for breeding if they have Grade 2 patella (or a higher grade) and veterinarians advise that this is the correct thing to do. Breeding dogs must have Grade 0 or Grade 1 patella.

The MFCA also does not register dogs with blue, liver or brindle markings as these colours belong to other dog breeds. Nor do we register all white dogs. The MFCA only registers dogs with black or tan markings, and with the body of the dog being predominantly white. These are the true colours and markings of terriers that originated from the wider fox terrier family and their pigment gives excellent protection against UV damage and skin cancer in Australia's sunny climate.

Taller dogs are also not registered for breeding. Many MFCA bitches are small dogs ... asking them to carry and birth the pups of a larger dog is animal cruelty. The breed standard states that the dogs should be no taller than 30.5cm. When nature gives us pups that grow to be taller than 30.5cm, they can become terrific de-sexed pets.

We recommend that you check if a seller is a current financial member of the Mini Foxie Club of Australia.

Click on "Contact Us" to send an email to the club.



You, Your Dogs & The Laws

The Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. encourages all members to be responsible pet owners.  We also understand that sometimes people need to find out about the current dog laws in their state or territory.  To help everyone be informed about legislation that affects their dogs, we have listed web addresses that give information on the dog laws in each state and territory of Australia.  You can also ask your local council for current information regarding microchipping and registration.

Did you know that governments and councils in some states prefer

that dog breeders be registered with a canine registry?

The Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. (MFCA) is such a registry.

If you are breeding Miniature Foxies at home but are not registered as a breeder and you would like information on becoming an MFCA registered breeder and how to register the pups that you breed, please send an email from the "Contact Us" section of this website.

MFCA Membership is not expensive and MFCA registration fees are very affordable. As an MFCA registered breeder you are required to register the litters of pups that you breed so that your pups' pedigrees (family history) will be officially registered.

As an MFCA breeder you will be part of an excellent team which is working to ensure a good future for these beautiful purebred dogs. The future of purebred dogs is being put at risk by the high rates of de-sexing in Australia; around 90% of all pups are being de-sexed. Breeding rates of many dog breeds have dropped alarmingly in recent years.

While it is responsible to de-sex pets which are not intended to be used for breeding purebred dogs, the health of future gene pools must also be considered and sufficient numbers of good quality dogs and bitches must be kept entire for breeding purposes.

Be a proud and responsible breeder of good quality dogs - be an MFCA Registered Breeder.



Microchipping & Council Registration information


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de-sexing, keeping 4 or more dogs ...



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Domestic Animals Act 1994


Registration as a Domestic Animal Business i Victoria is handled by local councils

so please contact your local council if you intend to breed your dogs.


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Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008



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