MFCA registered breeders sometimes have pups for sale.

Pups are bred to a high standard as the parent dogs must first be registered for breeding, and the pups must also be MFCA registered if they are advertised on this site.

MFCA breeders are governed by the MFCA's Code of Ethics and by the club's rules. They are required to breed strictly to the MFCA's Breed Standard and to breed with only MFCA registered dogs so that you, as the puppy buyer, can look forward to a pedigree pup of good quality and of the correct type.

Some of our breeders are listed here by state, so just click on the Kennel Name for more information.

Please contact the breeders directly about available pups or planned litters.


1 ARAFURA - Darwin, NT
2 ARJULE - Cairns - Innisfail Area, North Queensland
3 LACFOXIES - South Burnett district, Queensland
4 TULLYARD - Toowoomba Area, Queensland
5 WILDHEART - South Australia