Our shows and events

Our next show will be held on Sunday the 17th of September at Bathurst NSW. Starting time is 10.00am. 

We look forward to see you at our next show. 

One of the most enjoyable activities is to be part of our Mini Foxie shows.

We believe that our unique format is why they are so successful – and it is an excellent way to meet others who share an interest in these great little dogs.

If you are new to the whole show thing – relax – there are events that are fun and not too serious. Everyone can participate and we welcome visitors and their Mini Foxies. We have fancy dress and other novelty events for you to enter.

Our shows are a great place to meet others who are also passionate about Mini Foxies.

All in all – the shows are inclusive and welcoming.

If you are still not sure about showing your dog – contact us at shows@minifoxie.org or phone 0419255289 we will be happy to guide you along the way.