Welcome to the Mini Foxie Club of Australia website

Our aim is to improve, promote and safeguard this iconic Australian Breed – the Mini Foxie - and we have been successfully doing this for over 37 years.

Dogs are an important part of the history of farming life in Australia. The Mini Foxie was developed for use around the farm house to control vermin and other pests. Ideally, they were small in stature, but tenacious, fearless and loyal protectors of the homestead and the family. Predominately white in colour so they could be seen in low light conditions, with dark eyes, noses and skin colouration to protect them from the sun.

Our Mini Foxies are adaptable to any situation. Perfect for retirees, families and people of all ages – from young to old. If you are active and energetic, Mini Foxies will keep up with you all day long. If you just want to take it a bit easy, they will gladly curl up on your lap.

In this website you will find lots of detailed information on the breed, its history, our club and upcoming events. If you are looking to have a mini foxie join your life, our pups for sale page is an excellent place to start.


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