Pups for sale

So you have decided to enhance your life with a Mini Foxie pup.

There may be registered breeders with pups available and would be delighted to talk to you. All of our registered breeders are passionate about our Mini Foxies and will help you along your journey.  Breeders are also happy to send puppies within Australia and some will send their puppies overseas.

All the following MFCA Breeders have puppies available at the moment.

Adamac Mini Foxies Penrith Area NSW

Dazzasu Mini Foxies Bligh Park Area NSW

Lucinda Mini Foxies Mt Compass Area SA


Do your research – are you really getting a purebred Mini Foxie?

The Mini Foxie Club of Australia has been working for more than 30 years with the aim of standardising, improving, promoting and safeguarding the breed known as the Miniature Fox Terrier.  The Club is seen as the "peak organisation" for this iconic Australian breed around the world.  The MFCA is also recognised by a range of Governments in Australia.

Our Club also gives a level of confidence to potential new owners that they are dealing with a professional Club that takes our rules, regulations and Code of Ethics seriously.

In recent times, other organisations have emerged purporting to offer purebred Mini Foxies.  Some sellers on social media even use Breeder Identification Number (BIN - which is a government system that is not related to the MFCA) as proof of their status as a so called "Registered Breeder" when in fact this BIN only means they are registered with their Local Council.

Our Club is proud of our achievements and we continuously strive to improve our status and standing within the community of Mini Foxie lovers.

Part of our success is based on our Registered Breeders, who are required to follow rules, regulations and our comprehensive Breeders Handbook.

Our Registered Breeders need to re-affirm their agreement each year to follow all our requirements when they renew their Membership and Kennel Prefix.  With the increasing focus on pure breed dog organisations, this is now even more important.

Our MFCA Registered Breeders are required to:

- Agree to abide by all rules, regulations, our Code of Ethics and requirements set out in the Breeders Handbook

- Own or lease adult dogs which meet the Breed Standard, DNA tested for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL), have been vet checked and approved by the MFCA for breeding

- Register all pups bred by them

- Transfer all pups to their new owners which allows the Club to issue Puppy Certificates directly to these excited new owners

So please do your research - do not accept anything less than an MFCA registered purebred Mini Foxie.