Our registered breeders

Our registered breeders continuously strive to breed dogs as close to our breed standard as possible and are bound by our clubs code of ethics. We are one of the very few organisations that require our dogs to be adult upgraded, which involves a health declaration completed by a veterinarian.

If you are looking for a Mini Foxie, a good place to start is by contacting our registered breeders.

You can also check out the pups for sale on this website.

Adamac - Penrith Area, NSW

Arafura - Darwin Area, NT

Berani - Albury Area, NSW

Bindarri - Coffs Harbour Area, NSW

Davmac - Bathurst Area, NSW

Flying Foxie - Newcastle Area, NSW

Horizon - Taree Area, NSW

Hylands - Tamworth Area, NSW

Kirmat - Jervis Bay Area, NSW

Malaney - Southern Tasmania

Marali - Melbourne, VIC

Monkerai - Armidale Area, NSW

Mousa - Albury Area, NSW

Mungarra - Henty Area, NSW

Tambofoxies - Gippsland Area, VIC

Tullyard - Toowoomba Area, QLD

Wildheart - Naracoorte Area, SA